If you’ve ever looked at yourself in the mirror and cried, and wondered if you were good enough, wondered if you were pretty enough, or smart enough, or tough enough to get through your life… I want each of you to know that the answer is yes. It is always yes. I’m Char, and I’m a healer. A lover. A friend. I will never intentionally bring someone down. I don’t need to know you; if you need me, just call my name and I’ll do anything I can in my power to help. This is my blog. It’s a mix of personal thoughts and feelings, as well as tips to get through your day to day life; eventually of course you’ll find there is the Glee and Darren Criss. Oh so much Darren Criss. I can seem a bit ostentatious sometimes, but I promise I’m more grounded than you’d expect, if only a little bit vain. I respect each and every one of you, and I love you dearly. I hope you’ll find it in your hearts to befriend me, because I could use some friends like you.

"There's nothing more badass than being yourself." -Darren Criss

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The Reason Behind Tumblr Malfunctions

Jess: It's probably dying from all the Darren goodness. I don't blame tumblr.
Nikki: I would die if i had Darren all over me too.
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